Stop Trudeau's Carbon Tax

Justin Trudeau is forcing a massive new carbon tax on every part of the country – whether we want it or not.

When announced, three provincial ministers walked out of the room!

Why? Because what Justin Trudeau and the Liberals want to do will cost taxpayers thousands of dollars every year.

It is going to be a massive new tax on consumers; the equivalent of 11.5 cents per litre of gasoline!

The Liberals are holding back job-creating projects like pipelines while simultaneously hiking our taxes – a Liberal double whammy.

Help Glen fight Justin Trudeau's massive new carbon tax. Show your support for new pipelines and against job killing carbon taxes. Add your name to Glen's petition.


We, the undersigned citizens of Medicine Hat - Cardston - Warner, call upon the Trudeau Liberals to halt their unilaterally imposed national carbon tax and pricing mechanism that will impose higher taxes on Canadian families, kill jobs and harm Canada's economic competitiveness.

Will you sign?

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